Yours is the ONLY Music Biz podcast I currently listen to.

 You have a much more diverse schedule of guests & topics than anyone else.

Carlos Castillo - Musicpreneur Educator, Professional Superfan

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What People Are Saying

Shannon Curtis - House Concert Pioneer

This was maybe one of my favorite, most heart-filled podcast interviews I’ve ever been a part of. Thanks for the great conversation, James!

Luke Simpson - Emerging MusicPreneur

I love the musicpreneur podcast. I learn so much about how to make money making music, and I also learn about cool artists at the same time. Highly recommended.

Billy Grisack - Music Business Philosopher

Man your podcast is really good. It sounds like an NPR show. Just listened to #89... really great. Do you have any broadcaster training or background?

Aly Talaea - Founder, Amadeus Rock Band

Sophisticated and Essential!

Deron Wade - Digital Entrepreneur

MusicPreneur.Com is a must-have for anyone interested in taking their music career to the next level in 2018! Listen in & learn how to grow your fan-base & be successful on your terms.

deron wade

Angela Ferrari - Story Spectacular Podcast

Make that Mu$ic!!!
What a cool show! Perfect balance between informative and entertaining. As a creative entrepreneur who makes a living off telling children's stories and singing songs, I find the MusicPreneur podcast extremely valuable!

iTunes Reviews

Great producing advice!

03/02/2018 9:00 AM by Kendie-93 from United States

I love the advice for producing music. It's so true that it doesn't have to be a big studio gig, or an indie self promoting thing. I love the advice for building your business!

On point!

02/09/2018 11:34 PM by AliTalaea from United States

Sophisticated and essential!

Amazing show!

01/16/2018 3:33 AM by Marina Barayeva from United States

If you are in the music industry, you need it. There are many great tips that will help you to become successful as an artist and business person.

The journey of a musician to make a living from their music

01/12/2018 5:54 AM by Reach or Miss from United States

From listening to this show, It seems like there is a major similarity between the journey of a musition trying to find potential customers to pay for their music which mainly wasn't heard yet, to the journey of entrepreneurs trying to find customers that will pay for their new, un familiar product or service.


01/05/2018 12:47 PM by Cloris Kylie from United States

James inspires anyone in the music industry and anyone who appreciates music with his podcast. 5 stars

The artists journey!

12/30/2017 8:58 PM by Melissa - Mind Love Podcast from United States

Valuable info with interesting stories. I've played th epiano my whole life, and it's so inspiring to hear of the ways I can start turning my passion into my purpose. Highly recommend!

Good show!

12/29/2017 10:29 PM by AJ Jay Jay from United Kingdom

Great tips from James. Love the show and looking forward to listening to more episodes.

Outstanding podcast!

12/29/2017 1:41 PM by @Mentally_Strong from United States

The content of this podcast is so useful! I most enjoy the interviews. Can’t wait for the next one!

Take note! (see what I did there?)

11/24/2017 8:29 AM by Nick @ Five Minutes With Dad from United States

Playing music is fun. Turning it into a money-making venture takes it to a whole other level because you can spend less time worrying about having to work extra to achioeve your goals and more time making money making music!

A+ Show

11/11/2017 2:32 AM by Gisele_Oliveira from United States

I love this show. The host is really entertaining. This show became my top show in my podcast list. Keep up the great work.

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