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10: Buddy Deshler on the Entrepreneurial Student

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Trumpet soloist Buddy Deshler is an ambassador for the transformative powers of the arts, champion of living composers, and agent for change in the instrumental music field. His burgeoning career has taken him around the country, as well as internationally, and has allowed him to share the stage with ensembles such as the King’s Brass,…

9: Seth Hanes on How to Break Into The Scene

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Seth Hanes is a musician, digital marketing consultant, speaker, and founder of, which is regularly visited by musicians all over the world. He maintains a busy career as a performer and teacher around the Philadelphia area. In September 2016, Seth published his first book, Break Into the Scene to wide acclaim from freelancers all over the world.…

8: From Sleeping in a Car to Making it Happen as an Entrepreneur w/ Ross Trottier

Download the Secrets of the Musical Mind ebook for free! What got you into music? Fell in love with classical guitar Military child, many moves throughout childhood Here’s Ross performing Study in E Minor by Francisco Tarrega 🙂 Why leave the college degree plan? Too much uncertainty in the career path Too much non-musical…

7: Jeremiah Johnson on How to “Break Through Broke”

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Chronology of Debt Accumulation Was told he “needed” to go to Indiana U. because that’s the only place for opera singers. Family financial situation caused him to drop out of Cincinnati Conservatory and re-enroll at out of state tuition Ended up with over $100,000 in debt after two degrees “Rock Bottom” Moment: “Zits” rehearsal for an…

6: Utsav Lal and the Deliquescent Ivories

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Episode 16 features Indian jazz pianist Utsav Lal! Download your copy of the new ebook, Secrets of the Musical Mind today! About the Guest: At 24 yrs of age, pianist Utsav Lal is a musician extraordinaire who has set a precedent in the world of music with his rendition of Ragas on the Piano. Choosing…

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