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18: Tim Melanson Says Your Competition is the Couch

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Tim Melanson’s music career started part time while working as a software developer. When he was laid off almost a decade ago, he refused to get a 9-5 so that he could continue to play gigs. He has been working mostly in marketing, sales and web development. However, he has always had a few gigs…

17: Bob Lord, Founder and CEO of Parma Recordings

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Bob Lord is a producer, composer, bassist and CEO of PARMA Recordings, the New Hampshire-based audio production house and parent company of the Navona, Ravello, Big Round, MMC, Capstone, and Ansonica Records label imprints.  He was named one of Musical America’s “30 Professionals of the Year: Key Influencers 2015.” Formed in 2008 to present contemporary…

16: Brandon Ridenour and Ben Russell are the Founders of Founders

This episode is presented to you ad-free courtesy of MusicPreneur’s on Fire! a Facebook group for MusicPreneur’s. Check it out and join at “Founders” is a string quartet plus trumpet and piano. Ben Russell is the violinist for the group, and Brandon Ridenour is the trumpet and pianist. You can check them out at…

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