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22: “The Music Industry’s Big Lie ” w/ Carlos Castillo

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The Music Industry’s Great Lie By Carlos Castillo  Let’s talk about the “Music Industry” for a moment. What IS that? According to one un-subscriber who told to me: “You don’t know S@!T  about the Music Industry”, I’m not qualified to answer that question. And the truth is… I don’t. I don’t care to. I don’t need…

21: Gret Glyer, Founder of Donor See

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Gret Glyer is the founder of Donor See, a website and app that makes it super easy and effective to give to worthy causes. Like this one: In my conversation, Gret and I talk about the disparity between lifestyles of the United States and third-world nations, as well as the need in the marketplace he…

20: David Kadavy on Building Habits to Increase Your Productive Focus

David Kadavy is the author of Getting Art Done. I think you can guess its contents by its title. He’s made it available to listeners of this podcast for FREE by using promo code MusicPreneur when checking out at 🙂 I appreciate David and all his work to help content creators like us be more productive, efficient…

19: Mark Rabideau of the 21st Century Musician Initiative

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Mark Rabideau is a cultural entrepreneur, busy re-imagining how we must prepare musicians to thrive within the shifting marketplace and cultural landscape of the contemporary moment. Mark’s own entrepreneurial spirit has generated projects ranging from producing and hosting Live from Smoke (a radio show from NYC’s upper-westside), founding and serving as Executive and Artistic Director…

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