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26: Streaming Has Problems. Peter Harris Has a Solution.

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Peter Harris is a web developer and electronica artist who founded the streaming music cooperative Resonate. Its mission is to build key components on the blockchain and to provide transparent accounting and truly unique opportunities for our artists. The Blockchain is a term that you’re going to be hearing quite a bit in the future, so…

25: Shannon Curtis Is the Musical Mary Kay

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Shannon Curtis  tells us about how she makes her living doing house concerts. To sum up: She tried to make it happen touring clubs and coffee shops. She scheduled a few house concerts while she had some downtime on tour, and the rest, as they say, is history. She’s the author of, No Booker, No Bouncer, No…

24: It’s a Game, It’s Not a Game. In the Trenches at SAVVY

The SAVVY Arts Venture Challenge is an event designed to teach the skills of entrepreneurship to arts minded people. It’s 6 days of intensive masterminding, brainstorming, and preparing a presentation pitching a business idea to a panel of judges. I was able to sit it on a few sessions on Thursday, June 8, as well…

23: The Sweet Sounds of #ITG2017

Last summer, I applied for, and was accepted, to speak at this year’s International Trumpet Guild conference in Hershey, PA. The title of my talk was the title of this podcast: MusicPreneur: Making Money Making Music. This episode is a few takeaways from the conference, including some sweet entrepreneurial ventures that came about as a…

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