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SMM16: Aaron Romm

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Episode Sponsor Subscribe to the Podcast Aaron Romm has performed throughout the United States, Mexico, and Europe as a soloist and chamber music specialist. He is the trumpet instructor at State College of Florida, and of course, is a Warburton Performing Artist and Clinician.

SMM15: Gabriel DiMartino

Episode Sponsor Subscribe to the Podcast Gabriel DiMartino is an internationally-performing soloist and collaborator, currently teaching at East Carolina University.

SMM14: Ignore Perception to Create Your Own Reality w/ Aaron Hodgson

Episode Sponsor Subscribe to the Podcast Aaron Hodgson is professor of trumpet at Western University and recently released the album, Inner Voice. He can be found on the web at Aaron recently published a blog post concurrent with this podcast titled, Twisted Sounds. Give it a read! JN: Aaron, welcome to the show. Get us…

SMM13: Tony Plog: “Inspiration is a Guest Who Does Not Visit the Lazy”

Episode Sponsor Subscribe to the Podcast Tony Plog is an ex-trumpeter turned full-time composer. He’s best known for his Four Sketches for brass quintet as well as Three Miniatures for Tuba and piano. JN: Tony, welcome to the podcast. TP: Great to be with you. JN: Get us up to speed, what is going on…

SMM12: Jim Stephenson on Composing and Varying Moods

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Episode Sponsor Subscribe to the Podcast Jim Stephenson is a Chicago-based composer whose works have been performed by leading ensembles all over the world, including his Symphony #2, which was recently premiered and recorded by the President’s Own U.S. Marine Band. JN: Jim, welcome to the podcast! JS: It’s a pleasure to be here. JN:…

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