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35: Chris Botti on “Fair Weather” MusicPreneurs

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Check out “To Starve or Thrive: The Musician’s Dilemma.” A 12-part email and blog series based off “Real Artists Don’t Starve” by Jeff Goins. to read and sign up! Please enjoy this wonderful interview with the legendary Chris Botti. I originally published this interview in 2015 on the now-defunct Outside the Music Box podcast.…

34: Whatever Would We Do Without Military Bands?

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**Disclaimer: I’m a musician who was employed by the U.S. Army for 11 years prior to my current entrepreneurial ventures. I’m not affiliated with the Army in any way. The views and opinions in this blog/podcast in no way represent the views of the U.S. Government or the Army. I really don’t really have a dog…

Jason Heath Shares His Secrets of the Musical Mind

Episode Sponsor Subscribe to the Podcast Jason is the host of the very successful Contrabass Conversations podcast. Jason, what’s your worst moment as a performer? Sophomore year at Northwestern University. Played a recital including a piece that was very “chromatic.” Meaning that intonation is very important and it’s difficult to play in tune. I just…

Chris Coletti on Differing Standards Between Performers and those for Whom They Perform

Since joining Canadian Brass in 2009, trumpeter/arranger Christopher Coletti has performed hundreds of concerts, TV and radio appearances around the world with the group, recorded 8 billboard chart-topping/award-winning CDs, filmed multiple music videos, and arranged a plethora of music that The Brass has recorded and regularly performs. Canadian Brass’ dedication to music education is a…

Wayne du Maine

Wayne du Maine is a New York based freelance trumpet player. He performs on Broadway, with the Metropolitan Opera and the Manhattan Brass Quintet. KEY TAKEAWAYS James Pandolfi’s method of playing: keeping the air in the lungs, chest out, readily accessible to make short breaths. Focusing on other things than practicing: family, house, conducting. Created…

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