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39: Tim Conkling on How to Make Music a Part of Your Higher Purpose

You can purchase Tim’s book Stranger in Every Land here. And Mobilized Merchants here. What’s your problem? What’s holding you back as an entrepreneur? Tune in to the Preneur Problems podcast where I help you identify and overcome your biggest challenges. I’ll also answer your questions on the show. Check it out. Forget that guy on…

38: How and Why Jennifer Rosenfeld of iCadenza Reclaimed the Title of “Musician”

Jennifer Rosenfeld, CEO of iCadenza and President & Principal Manager of Cadenza Artists, has extensive experience working with musicians of all genres on identifying and pursuing their professional goals, and overcoming the obstacles that come up along the way. She’s also a musician. “Wow, James,” you might be thinking. “A musician who helps musicians share their…

TD #98: Bernard Adelstein

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In 1960, Bernard Adelstein was invited by George Szell to become principal trumpet of the Cleveland Orchestra. He held the Richard S. And Robert C. Weiskopf Endowed Chair. Under Szell, the Orchestra entered a period of dramatic and sustained growth. The length of the season gradually grew from 30 to 52 weeks. Blossom Music Center,…

37: Tasmin Little Used a Naked Violin to Change the World. Here’s What She Did.

The Starving Artist Works for Free. The Thriving Artist Always Works for Something. Tasmin Little had everything a successful violinist is expected to have: Several critically acclaimed albums to her credit; performing in the finest concert halls in the world; an engaged community of fans and followers. But when she played her violin under a…

36: How David Cutler Turned a Crisis into an Opportunity

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This episode goes live on Sunday, Sep 3, 2017 Dr. David Cutler balances a varied career profile as a jazz and classical composer, pianist, educator, arranger, author, and sought-after speaker. Known as the world’s foremost expert on music entrepreneurship, his books “The Savvy Musician” and The Savvy Music Teacher” and workshops like “The SAVVY Arts…

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