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75: Music by MusicPreneurs (January 2018)

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EmailFacebookInstagramTwitter This is all of the music that has been played on the Music by MusicPreneurs podcast in the month of January! Do you have a piece you’d like played on the podcast? Submit it at! Here’s the lineup, complete with time stamps for your listening pleasure. Paul Howard – Sunset Blues [4:03] Phillip…

Dreadnaught: Taking a Ride With the Fat Man – Music by MusicPreneurs

EmailFacebookInstagramTwitter Featured Artist’s Website: Social Media: 64: The Absolute Necessity of Having a “Screw You Fund” w/ Bob Lord of Parma Recordings By James Newcomb | Jan 16, 2018   What is the proper balance between commerce and art? A pressing question that musicians have been asking forever. Bob Lord deals with it…

74: Prepare to be Mesmoirized! (feat. John Lee Dumas)

EmailFacebookInstagramTwitter John Lee Dumas, founder of EOFire, stopped by (via Skype) to discuss life after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, as well as his new project: Memoir Audio Biographies! About the Guest JLD is the host of Entrepreneurs ON FIRE, awarded ‘Best of iTunes’, where he interviews the worlds most successful Entrepreneurs 7-days a week.…

73: More than Cheese and Packers (Feat. Billy Grisack)

EmailFacebookInstagramTwitter Musicpreneurship runs in Billy Grisack’s blood. His grandfather and father were musician/entrepreneurs and he continues the tradition along with his own son. About the Guest Billy is a┬ámusician, songwriter, producer, podcaster & music business philosopher based in Appleton, WI. Guest’s Websites Relevant Links We mentioned Carlos Castillo on the podcast. You can…

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