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92: .Com and .Org Mentality

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.com or .org?  Each one has a very different connotation, right? You hear “.com” and you think commerce, business, making money, the bottom line. When you hear “.org” you think altruism, charity, selflessness, mission- oriented. “.org” sounds more noble, like you’re concerned for the world around you, while “.com” sounds like you’re just in it for…

91: Richard Lynch is Keeping the Country in Country Music

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Richard Lynch took some time from his busy schedule to chat on the podcast. Richard plays real country music, not the mealy-mouthed, hijacked pop, mush cookie music you hear on “today’s country music” stations. It turns out that fans of country music actually like real country music! In this interview, we talk about his roots as…

90: Live Like the Mountain is Out (Feat. Shannon Curtis)

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It was July, 2017. Shannon Curtis and her husband were in the middle of their annual tour of the United States performing concerts in the homes of their valued patrons.  A mere 9 days before their concert in Charlottesville, VA, tragedy struck the town. The city council had voted to remove a statue of a Confederate…

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