Making the Pie With the Ingredients You’ve Got

Sometimes you just have to make the pie with the ingredients you’ve got. I was asked to perform The Trumpet Shall Sound from Handel’s Messiah this week. Never one to turn down an opportunity to play, even with the COVID-19 restrictions (prerecording to be played during the sunday service), I agreed to do it.

A week or so prior to the recording session, I wasn’t feeling all that hot about it. I hadn’t played all that much the months prior and was working as much as possible to get into shape. Non-trumpeters don’t understand the physical toll that playing takes. Performing The Trumpet Shall Sound is basically like doing 20 pull-ups consecutively. You really have to be in top shape to pull it off.

So with caring for my 6 year old son, working a fledgling podcast production business – both of which require a tremendous amount of time and energy – I did what I could. On top of that, I played it on an E-flat trumpet w/ a 1 1/4 C mouthpiece. Trumpet geeks will understand it’s hardly an ideal equipment setup.

It wasn’t perfect, but it’s what I had to give with the tools available at that moment. That’s all we can do, right?

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