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109: Replay of My Chat w/ Aaron Bethune (part 1 of 2)

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The maestro’s podium How many podcasts start out with a first class interview? Well, mine did – in spite of my own limitations as an entrepreneur and an interviewer. I asked Aaron Bethune, author of Musicpreneur: A Creative Approach to Making Money in Music, to be my guest for the premier episode of this show.…

108: How Do You Know When You Should Pursue That Idea? (feat. Hugh Sung)

The maestro’s podium How do you know whether or not you should pursue that idea you have to change the world? Perhaps you’ve had that idea, invested a bunch of money into it, then quit when you realized it just wasn’t solving a real problem in the marketplace. That will be discouraging for anyone -…

The MusicPreneur Mindset
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