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049: Estela Aragon of Music Fit Academy | MusicPreneur’s Making it Happen

Estela Aragon is the founder of Music Fit Academy. She received her B.M from the University of Tampa and M.M in Trumpet Performance from The University of South Carolina School of Music. She plans on pursuing a D.M.A in Music & Human Learning in 2017.¬†Her former teachers include Aric Brian (professor of trumpet at the…

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048: Music by MusicPreneur’s Vol. 1

Today I’m sharing with you music that has been recorded by artists featured on the podcast thus far! Here’s today’s set list. Matazz – Dunham Shoe Factory Fat Lip – Horn Headz Granada – Canadian Brass Chiapas – Darren Barrett To Sir With Love – Darren Barrett In the Shadows – Nate Maingard Enjoy!

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047: Fiverr for Dummies | T-T-T-T Tuesday

Due to a technical mishap on my part, I’m not able to air the follow-up interview with Tim Melanson about using¬†Facebook to make it happen as a musician in your local area. Look for that in a couple of weeks! However, I’m going to share with you a little bit about my experience using…

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046: Tim Melanson Says Your Competition is the Couch | MusicPreneur’s Making it Happen

Tim Melanson’s music career started part time while working as a software developer. When he was laid off almost a decade ago, he refused to get a 9-5 so that he could continue to play gigs. He has been working mostly in marketing, sales and web development. However, he has always had a few gigs…

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045: If You Want to Be a MusicPreneur, then Do MusicPreneur | Audio Blog

It’s been kind of interesting to be a part of this MusicPreneur movement (if you want to call it that) for the last year or so. The word “musicpreneur” is relatively new. It sometimes seems that the people who use it as part of their business branding want to create a new breed of human…

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