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21 Day Focus Challenge Day 4

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Day 4– What are you passionate about? I mean, what would you be doing even if you didn’t get paid? Average people settle for a job they think they’re passionate about – or perhaps were passionate about 20 years ago. But whatever passion that was there is gone and they’re holding out for retirement or…

21 Day Focus Challenge. Day 3

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Day 3 Day 1 we dealt with negative energy, and committed to focusing only on things that will help our body, mind and spirit. Day 2 we discussed how to minimize distractions while we go about our work. Now it’s time to get down to the real, nitty-gritty stuff. We’re going to make a list…

156: A Word About the DIY Musician Conference from Kevin Breuner of CD Baby

About Me and My Podcast Hi. My name is James Newcomb. MusicPreneur.Com is a combination of two things that are near and dear to me: music and commerce. I believe that these are two of the most powerful forces known to man and are able to do a great deal of good (and not so…

Focus Challenge Day 2 of 21: Identify and Minimize Distractions

Day 2 Did you know that it takes up to 15 minutes to fully recover from a distraction? This means that if you’re working on a paper, writing a song, recording a podcast, etc. every time you check Facebook, your email or your text messages screws you over royally. So here’s what we’re going to…

Focus Challenge Day 1 of 21: A Checkup From the Neckup

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Day 1 Step up your success by writing the statement highlighted below, at least 25 times, if not more. Memorize this statement because you are going to repeat it every night before you sleep. “I release all negative energy from my body and mind. I command my subconscious mind to focus only on things that…

Set and Achieve Goals that Will Set You Up for Success as a MusicPreneur!