How I Put Impossible Stuff Into My Warm-Up Routine

I clearly remember listening to Wynton Marsalis playing the cornet on his famous “Carnaval” album. One of the pieces is Grand Russian Fantasia. One of the sections in this piece employs 32nd notes. Even a musical novice can listen to that and be intimidated. All that to say, it goes really fast. So fast, that I…

Dear Go Daddy. I Love You, But…

As an online entrepreneur, I’ve bought my share of domain names. I’m not one of those types who buys thousands of domains and tries to make a profit by marking up the price for people who will actually use them, but I have purchased quite a few in my time. Such was the case with…

Where do the Goosebumps Fall?

Publishing anything, be it a song, a blog post, a podcast, etc. is unnerving, isn’t it? You’re totally exposed to the world. You’ve opened yourself up to criticism from anyone and everyone. How do you know when it’s just right? I mean, once it’s out there, it’s out there. The Internet isn’t written in pencil,…

Break Out of the Internet Box

Something that stuck with me from my interview with Jacky and Andy of Across the Board is how they started as a youtube cover band – but it was never their intent to stick with that. Eventually they knew they needed to break out of the “internet box”, i.e. being just a youtube band, just a vlog. The…

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