3 Cheers for the IP Police!

This past week, the buzz on the Internet was a two hour “Breaking Bad” movie. It was created completely independently of the show’s creators and producers. Two super fans in France spent 2 years splicing, dicing and editing the entire show into a movie that tells the story of the show. It’s not a synopsis,…

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Why the MusicPreneur Business Won’t Succeed

Why the MusicPreneur Business Won’t Succeed I was honored to interview John Lee Dumas of the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast and feature it on this podcast. At the end of our short time to chat, I tried a little reverse tactic with my questioning. I told him that I wanted this MusicPreneur business to fail and asked for…

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How to BEE a MusicPreneur

Thanks for visiting my little blog. I trust that you are here because you’re looking for something more than an entertaining read. This isn’t to say that I don’t want my writing to be entertaining. It’s just that the reason both of us are here – me writing and you reading – is because we want…

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