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A Word About the Podcast Intro

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MusicPreneur Intro

Recently, someone asked for some feedback on their podcast intro in a Facebook group for podcaster's of which I'm a member.

His was 45 seconds long, and was basically 3 different variations of a 15 second intro.

I asked him if it was 3 different versions, and was he asking which one I liked best?

He said, no, it was one intro.

I told him it was too long. An intro for a podcast like his should be 15 seconds max, then get down to business.

His reply: "But James, yours is 1:20."

That's true. The difference is that mine doesn't say the same thing over and over.

The MusicPreneur podcast intro is sound bites from actual interviews on the podcast.

Pretty cool, huh?

It features Aaron Bethune, Joshua Messick, Estela Aragon, Ali Handal, Bob Lord, Jason Heath, John Lee Dumas and Tommy Darker.

Then, my friend Nick Pavlidis introduces me.

At over a minute, it's pretty lengthy for a podcast intro.

So why do I do it?

Because it tells the story of the podcast.

In fact, if someone has only one minute to listen to my podcast, they'll receive what I want them to receive in that first minute.

There might be some tweaks in the future. Maybe someone will say something in an upcoming interview that I think absolutely has to be in the intro.

But that would involve a lot of time editing, splicing, dicing, mastering, etc.

Who has time for that?

For now, I like it the way it is 🙂

In a hurry? Download this post as a PDF!

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