Break Out of the Internet Box

Something that stuck with me from my interview with Jacky and Andy of Across the Board is how they started as a youtube cover band - but it was never their intent to stick with that.

Eventually they knew they needed to break out of the "internet box", i.e. being just a youtube band, just a vlog.

The end game was really to be where they are now. They have a thriving community of engaged fans that looks forward to whatever they release, be it a video blog, a kitchen session or an actual album.

YouTube and the vlog was simply the means to the end. But they're both still important parts of their overall business model.

When you get right down to it, things like YouTube, a blog, even the Internet, are just tools to connect other people. I remember when people were wondering what to make of the Internet when it first became mainstream. People thought it would lead to people becoming zombies, anti-social jerks.

Well, you can say that there have been some negative side effects, i.e. kids and adults getting crooks in their necks from looking at smart phones, but by and large people haven't lost that fundamental desire to be around other people.

We're still social creatures, regardless of what tool we use to connect with each other.

I recently was separated from my son for 3 weeks. I was able to FaceTime with him a couple of times, but there's just nothing like holding him in my arms.

If your goal as a MusicPreneur is to never leave your house or apartment, to just produce content and interact with your audience online (speaking to myself here) the means to do so are definitely there. You can do so and make money doing it. But if your end game isn't to use the content you produce to develop real relationships with real people, you're missing out on something special.

Hear jacky and andy talk about breaking out of the internet box

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