How the Business of Baseball Conflicts With Genuine Business Principles

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The Business of Baseball...

41 years into my life, the only sport I really enjoy watching and following is baseball.

There's nothing wrong with the NFL, NBA, NHL, etc.

Actually, there's plenty wrong with all of the above, but I've just settled on baseball as my sport of choice to unwind and enjoy.

But a few things about how Major League Baseball does business kind of gets under my skin.

First of all, the teams have more or lost their own distinct identity - especially come playoff time.

When I was a kid watching the Minnesota Twins in the playoffs, Tom Kelly (the manager) wore what he always wore: a Twins jacket.

These days, everyone has a sweatshirt with some silly mantra like: "We Live For This!"

Do they receive a memo from the big wigs at MLB saying, "Wear this, or face the consequences."?

I don't know. But literally everyone wears them when they're not on the field playing. It's like they're all ultimately wearing the same uniform, just with different colors for their teams.

Not a huge cause for concern, and not enough to turn me off to watching it. It's just something I've noticed in the last 10-15 years and am wondering why...

Another thing is MLB has recently "partnered" with a few big corporations for this years playoffs.

Just a few years ago, would say "Such and such teams are going to face off in the American League Championship Series."

Now it says, "the American League Championship Series presented by Camping World."

"National League Championship Series presented by Doosan."

Camping World?


Sorry, but watching baseball doesn't invoke images of sitting at a campfire roasting weanies and making s'mores.

And what in the world does a South Korea-based heavy equipment manufacturer have to do with Major League Baseball?

Personally, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

It makes me think that neither MLB nor Doosan/Camping World have really solid values around which they do business.

You get the sense that these huge corporations are just in it for themselves, while we the fans - who actually watch the games - well, we'll just have to deal with it.

I'm not saying that's true. It's just the sense I get when I read that and watch it on TV.

You know what would be extraordinary? If MLB partnered with a business that resonates with their core values - assuming they have one or two.

What if it was The American League Championship Series presented by __________ business, with whom we're aligned morally, spiritually and philosophically - even if this business couldn't compete money-wise with Doosan or Camping World.

It's a tall order because most of those big-time corporations don't typically buy into that type of business philosophy.

That would be why people are turned off by business in general.

And perhaps why musicians hesitate to call themselves entrepreneurs.

Personally, I don't want to partner with a business unless I know that we're more or less in alignment in those key areas.

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