Dear Go Daddy. I Love You, But…

As an online entrepreneur, I've bought my share of domain names. I'm not one of those types who buys thousands of domains and tries to make a profit by marking up the price for people who will actually use them, but I have purchased quite a few in my time.

Such was the case with MusicPreneur.Com, for which I paid... let's just say more than the standard $14 for a .com registration. I don't begrudge the guy who did that; actually I admire the foresight to do so. But I digress.

I've used many registrars to buy domains. 1&1,, and maybe one or two others, but I've settled on Go Daddy. They are easily the best out there. They have superb customer support and any time I need to change a redirect on one of the domains (such as it's quick, easy and flawless.

But, as Jesus said to church at Thyatira, "I have a few things against ye..."

This church had done some good things. They were known for their acts of kindness, charity,  service, etc. All in all, a good report.

But, they had allowed one of their members to corrupt the pot so to speak.

"Thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols." 

No matter what century you read that, it's pretty bad.

So, Go Daddy, I must say that in spite of the good things you do, I must make this grievance public.

Every time I purchase a domain, I'm bombarded with phone calls and emails from people soliciting my business for logo design, web design and the like for at least a week.

I've never contacted these people before. It's clear that you've sold my personal information to these people without my consent.

It's not enough to make me take my business elsewhere, but it's quite enough to really get under my skin and think much less of you than your otherwise outstanding service deserves.

Although perhaps someone reading this blog post will choose to take their business elsewhere.

You probably weighed the options and made the decision that the profit you make compensates from the people like me who make their grievances known.

I don't begrudge you for your decision. I just find it in poor taste. It's kind of like allowing an old fart to linger in a perfume shop. It kind of ruins the experience for everyone. And for no good reason other than your own personal gain.

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