What I Don’t Want to be Doing in 5 Years

Yesterday I had a rehearsal for a Christmas eve gig I’m playing.

I’m grateful that I’ve positioned myself in a way that people want to call me for gigs with really good musicians here in Raleigh.

I’m also grateful that I’m building an online business so that I’ll eventually be able to politely decline such invitations in the near future – at least the ones I don’t particularly want.

(Playing Christmas songs in the amazing Duke Chapel is one of the ones I want, btw.)

The scene for the rehearsal was kind of comical.

Since I’ve switched my focus from trumpet to cornet, I’ve sold all but one trumpet – a student model Yamaha.

So I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to hang with the guys playing their fancy “professional” grade instruments.

Turns out I did fine, that a professional training and mindset is more important than equipment. (Although I do need to fix my third valve tuning slide…)

The leader of the group was sharing with me the benefits and drawbacks of applying for social security at which age.

The rest of the guys and gals in the group had just come from another gig – and probably had one or two more later that day.

It’s a lifestyle I would have thought was pretty cool at one time in my life.

Now? Not so much.

Again, I’m grateful for opportunities to play, but why settle for simply trading time for money?

I’ve recently begun teaching a few trumpet students in the area. I’ve noticed that many of them have similar issues with intonation, sub-dividing, etc. They’re all preparing for the all-state audition so they’re all practicing the same stuff.

Lightbulb: Why don’t I create an online course teaching these things to them?

There’s no limit to the number of students I can have. Any questions they have, I can answer online.

The old way says to not act on this. The students will like it so much, and the parents will like not having to drive them to lessons that they’ll quit.

Well, more to follow on that idea. But as much as I am grateful for being called for a gig, it’s not my goal to be middle-aged and still taking any old gig I can get.

I may do that while I’m building my business, but in the big picture I’ve got far bigger fish to fry.

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