First Master the Bookstore. A Lesson from

If you're under 25 years old, this may be hard to believe, but there was a time that was nothing more than an online bookstore.

To be fair to Jeff Bezos, "just an online bookstore" means it was the biggest, baddest online bookstore in the world.

It put giants like Barnes and Noble on high alert. It put others like Books-A-Million out of business.

Bezos' vision for Amazon in 1999 was for it to look pretty much like it does today. To be able to provide literally anything that anyone could ever want at the click of a button.

Or at the tap of a finger on a cell phone.

But Bezos was no dummy. He knew you can't just become a titan in the online retail industry - or help create it for that matter - overnight. Mastering just one thing was key to his success. And that one thing was books.

Remember, this is 1999. There was no iPhone. Ebay was just getting off the ground. People plugged their computers into walls. Musicians were on Myspace.

Seems like an eternity ago, right?

Well, master books they did. It wasn't long before everyone who was anyone knew that the place to get a book on the internet was on Amazon. But that was hardly the end game. It was more like a means to an end.

Eventually Amazon created the Kindle, then started offering other products. Now in 2018, you can buy anything you want on Jeff Bezos is one of the most powerful men in the world. Major innovations we see in the next 10 years will be led by Amazon.

And it all started with a bookstore.

One thing that stood out to me in my interview with Jacky and Andy from Across the Board is they visualized themselves performing live, having a thriving community of fans, creating original material etc. But they started out playing covers on YouTube. They played other people's music in their own distinct style.

First things first. You can't build an empire without laying the first foundation.

If your MusicPreneur gig isn't going like you thought it would, maybe it's time to look at where you're spending your time and energy. If it's spread out in too many things, too soon, you might learn a thing or two from Jeff Bezos (and Jacky and Andy) by focusing on that one thing that you can CRUSH and master. Then use the credibility and authority from that success and get the gig you really want.

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