Why I’m Considering Alexa Flash Briefs

The other day, my friend Marc Mawhinney of Natural Born Coaches and the uber popular Facebook group “The Coaching Jungle” announced a webinar talking about the power of Alexa Flash Briefs (AFB).

Marc’s guest for the webinar was Jeff Smith. Jeff is known as “The Alexa Guy”.

What is an Alexa Flash Brief?

An AFB is a short – usually 1-3 minutes – “briefing” from the Amazon Echo, who we affectionately refer to as “Alexa”. You say, “Alexa, give me the news,” or “Alexa, give me the baseball scores,” and in a flash, Alexa briefs you on the content you’ve requested.

Let it not be said I’m unable to comprehend the marketing brilliance of Jeff Bezos.

The likes of Pat Flynn, Gary Vaynerchuk, John Lee Dumas and other heavyweights in the realm of digital media and marketing, are embracing this new medium to build their audience, grow their email list and make some of the green stuff.

Each Echo user can customize their AFB to their tastes, so after they get the news from Reuters, the weather from the local station, the sports scores, etc. they can listen to mini-podcasts from the likes of JLD, Chris Brogan, Ben Greenfield, etc.

Imagine your mini-podcast being heard right after hearing from CNN, ESPN, The Weather Channel, etc.

Such is the power of AFB’s, and they’re incredibly easy to do and get on the Alexa platform.

Why should I care?

According to Jeff, there are currently over 50 million Alexa devices in use all over the world. Other than Facebook, it has grown to 50 million than any other medium or device, including the iPhone and even the Internet.

By contrast, there are a mere 4 thousand AFB’s currently on the market. You’re competing against just a few within your niche vs. how many thousands of podcasts?

AFB’s grow faster than podcasts. People publish on the AFB, then take the same recording and put it on their podcast and the AFB will grow 3-4 times faster than the podcast. (This is all according to Jeff, whose webinar I’m taking notes from for this blog post.)

Gary V recently said that the future of technology is voice. “If you consider podcasting to be the current go-to-destination for creative, then Alexa Skills are the beachfront vacation property, yet to be discovered and booked up by the masses.”

16-30 year olds listen to podcasts because of their ability to multi-task.

The perfect AFB

  • 1 minute per day every day
  • 1 nugget of value
  • 1 call to action

Of course not every show can fit this model, but perhaps you can think of ways to augment your current show with an AFB.

Why is the model above important? It’s infinitely better than 3-4 minutes 3x per week. When Alexa gets to your briefing, it will say, “There are no new episodes today” and the Echo owner will just remove it from their playlist. Also, anything more than a minute will just feel way too long and the user will drop it.

How does this help with lead generation?

People will find you through searches on the Alexa skill store, similar to the app store.

They find you via keyword searches, kind of like how SEO used to work. Ratings and reviews are important as well. Because of the newness of the medium, it’s very easy to rise to the top of the rankings.

The one strong CTA is the key to lead generation. Each day, you can change the CTA for various offers.

An AFB is much easier than a traditional podcast. There are no guests. They’re a minute long. You can record, upload and schedule a month’s worth of content in an afternoon.

The MusicPreneur Minute… Um, yes. Sign me up.

In case you’re interested, here’s a video replay of the webinar that Marc hosted.

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