Content, Content, Content. The Peace of Mind that Comes from Batching.

In my recent interview with Jacky and Andy of Across the Board, they described a little bit about how they are able to produce such an astounding amount of content. Really, in addition to producing a premium quality album once a year or so, they do a daily video blog, a written blog, and a weekly…

First Master the Bookstore. A Lesson from

If you’re under 25 years old, this may be hard to believe, but there was a time that was nothing more than an online bookstore. To be fair to Jeff Bezos, “just an online bookstore” means it was the biggest, baddest online bookstore in the world. It put giants like Barnes and Noble on high…

Why I’m Considering Alexa Flash Briefs

The other day, my friend Marc Mawhinney of Natural Born Coaches and the uber popular Facebook group “The Coaching Jungle” announced a webinar talking about the power of Alexa Flash Briefs (AFB). Marc’s guest for the webinar was Jeff Smith. Jeff is known as “The Alexa Guy”. What is an Alexa Flash Brief? An AFB…

Why a Heavier Work Load = Less Work

Since switching the format of the MusicPreneur.Com podcast to 5x a week, M-F, I’ve seen really great results. Download numbers are up. Engagement with the audience is up. My own engagement with the show is up. All in all, a great decision. At first, I was thinking it was going to be a ton of…

Where Did You Go to School?

If you watch NFL and NBA games, they always introduce the starting players, along with the college they attended. Why do they do this? I personally think it’s to grease the skids of the self-perpetuating machine the NCAA and those two businesses have created. Like the U of North Carolina continuing to get credit for…

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