Trust the Process

When I was a young trumpet player, I was in love with Wynton Marsalis. He was, and is, a master musician. Easily one of the best ever. I would listen to his albums, especially the classical ones, and was in awe of his playing. It was so fast, yet you could make out every single note.…

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Expand Your Comfort Zone

You never know how a podcast is going to affect your career. This past week, it affected it in a very real and practical way. I interviewed a fellow by the name of Paul Baron for the Trumpet Dynamics podcast on Monday. During the interview, he was describing the differences between a lead and second trumpet…

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Desire: The Starting Point of all Achievement

Thus saith Napoleon Hill, the revered author of Think and Grow Rich, one of the most oft-quoted books in the realm of self-help and entrepreneurship in history.  But notice he says it’s the starting point. A lot of people think that desire is akin to the destination along with the journey to get there. At least they…

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The 20 Percent

Did you enjoy this blog post? Have them delivered to your inbox every day! “80% of success is simply showing up.” –Woody Allen (or maybe Paul Simon, or maybe both.) Yes, that’s a good principle to remember. The importance of simply showing up to doyo job cannot be overstated. Slow and steady wins the race,…

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