How to Tell You’re Winning

When you’re making it happen as a MusicPreneur, you need affirmation that you’re doing the right thing.

When you have a job, you can rely on performance reviews and raises to affirm that you’re doing the right thing when it comes to your job.

But when you’re the boss, it’s a little different. You need to rely on affirmations that aren’t quite as obvious. But if you know what to look for, you can find it.

drops-of-water-5788971. Positive feedback from an accomplished master at what you’re doing. This is the easiest to identify. It’s one thing for your mom to tell you you’re doing something really well, and quite another for someone who’s better than you at that thing to tell you you’re killing it.

Sometimes out of the clear blue sky you get a note from someone that you respect congratulating you on something you’ve done, or that they love what you’re doing. Remember they have partially selfish motives for doing this. Even though you might be competition, they like it when others do well because in a way it makes them look good. There are a lot of pretenders out there, so when someone’s legit it helps them stand out.

attitude of gratitude2. Direct (and unfair) criticism. This isn’t as pleasant as #1, but it’s still important to watch for affirmation in these things. When someone takes time out of their day to write you a nasty gram, in a way it’s a compliment. Perhaps they feel threatened by you and your message.

I’ve received criticism from Union types who don’t like it when I tell people to work for no pay when you’re getting started. This mentality is the polar opposite of their reality where people in suits determine the value of the work of a musician. Of course, we as MusicPreneur’s know that the market determines the value of what we do and is in direct proportion to the effort we put into our work, our marketing and our ability to connect with our audience.

So when I get nasty grams, and get unfriended and blocked on Facebook without provocation from these people, it just tells me that I’m doing the right thing and need to keep doing it.

3. Resistance. Circumstances change, a major life event occurs, someone you previously counted on for support and encouragement turns on you. This is all what Steven Pressfield calls “resistance.”

It will kill you and your dreams – if you let it. But when you endure things like this, and you stillhave the desire to get up and work on your passion, it means you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

I think this is the most powerful affirmation there is. Everything seems to be working against you. Some say that it’s a sign that you should quit.

empty-highwayBut that voice inside you says to just keep going. Just keep doing something every day.

You get bogged down with stuff that keeps you from doing what you want. You slow down, but you don’t quit.

None of this is fun, mind you, but when you have that desire to continue in spite of that Resistance, it’s affirmation that you’re doing the right thing.

What did I miss?

What other affirmations are there that are either seen or unseen?

Send me your thoughts!

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