The solution is within the problem

Today I had a conversation with a fellow podcaster about some of the challenges we face when deciding on what to publish onto the Internets.

Hey, anytime you click “publish” or “schedule”, it’s kind of unnerving. It is for me, even after publishing ~500 episodes over the course of 3 1/2 years.

Well, this fellow was telling me he sometimes worries about what to say when it comes to some of the negative elements of his business. He doesn’t want to come across as a complainer, or someone who is above the fray. Completely understandable when you’re publishing content that will be listened to by a very small pool of people, all of whom are really good at what they do.

But I said to him, “There’s your solution.”

What’s the #1 goal of a podcast? Or a concert for that matter? It’s to put out content that people want to listen to.

I told him that if he just talks about these negative things, without being judgmental of course, he’s being relatable. There’s no doubt going to be someone out there who listens to his show and says, “Hey, I’m not alone in this.”

It’s that attractive character that we want to develop with our audience.

And sometimes that attractive character is being that gruff, no nonsense guy or gal who is kind of fed up with it all, doesn’t give a scheyster, and just tells it like it is.

First rule of thumb: just be yourself. If you’re yourself, and don’t try to conform to what you think are people’s expectations, you’ll get the best results – and you’ll be much harder to copy if and when you’re successful.

To your success,


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