Trumpet Dynamics (2015-2018) RIP

Trumpet Dynamics began as a Facebook group by the same name in September, 2015 by its founder and chief protagonist, James Newcomb.

Having tried and failed at the ambiguously named podcast called Outside the Music Box, James wanted to focus on a topic he knew well in his podcasting efforts.

The first episode of the podcast went live on 1 January, 2016 and featured the trumpet section of the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as a young Korean trumpet player named Ruphina Bak.

Throughout its 3 year history, the podcast featured such well-known names in the trumpet world as Chris Coletti, Manny Laureano, Ronald Romm, Rex Richardson, Glen Marhevka, Andy Tichenor, Adam Rapa, Tony Glausi, Tony Scodwell, Anthony Plog, James Stephenson, and many many others.

The goal of the podcast, as stated by James, was to tell “The Story of the Trumpet, In the Words of Those Who Play It.”

It originally began as a once per week show, with each episode featuring 2 or 3 interviews of trumpet players of varying experience and ability levels. It then went to 3 times per week when James launched his current podcast, MusicPreneur: Making Money Making Music.

Trumpet Dynamics went off the air in April, 2017 so that James could focus primarily on the MusicPreneur podcast. It made a brief resurgence in January, 2018 in an effort to take the message of MusicPreneur and focus primarily on trumpet players.

After much personal reflection, James has decided to end Trumpet Dynamics totally and completely, once and for all. This includes the domain, the Facebook page and all related social media platforms.

Trumpet Dynamics is survived by the MusicPreneur podcast, the Trumpeters with Real Gigs Facebook group, and James’ own efforts to establish himself as a soloist and performer on the cornet.

Archived episodes of the Trumpet Dynamics podcast will be made available soon. To be notified when they are online, send James an email with the words “Trumpet Dynamics archives” in the subject line.

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