Trumpet is Not the Enemy

Status Quo is.

Status Quo is “the plan.”

Be in marching band. Go to college. Join the union. Teach at a university. Work until you “retire.”

Then tell your kids and grandkids this is the only way to have a career as a musician.

Riddle me this, young starling:

What’s “the plan” for the Cornet Revolution?

There isn’t one.

How could there possibly be one?

What college or conservatory offers a degree in cornet performance?

How many jobs are available that allow an individual to pay the bills playing the cornet?

“If it is to be, it is up to me.”

About a hundred years ago, the Trumpet didn’t have a plan either.

And a few of those who played it found a way to make a living at it.

It was exciting. It was perilous. You either played your tail off or you didn’t play at all.

But then things changed.

A guild was established.

Unions were created.

All to protect its members from the nasty realities of life, of course.

Now it’s almost impossible to get rid of a bad apple.

Everything sounds the same.

The context of the story behind the music is lost to those who both play and consume it.

Musicians and patrons just don’t connect the way they used to.

“But as long as we get our pensions, we’ll live with it.”

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