Where do the Goosebumps Fall?

Publishing anything, be it a song, a blog post, a podcast, etc. is unnerving, isn't it? You're totally exposed to the world. You've opened yourself up to criticism from anyone and everyone.

How do you know when it's just right? I mean, once it's out there, it's out there. The Internet isn't written in pencil, kids.

Jacky Auguste, a recent guest on the MusicPreneur.Com podcast, gave one of the most elucidating answers to this question I've heard yet.

Where do the goosebumps fall?

It's another way of saying, "Go with your gut." The more you do anything related to performing, the more you develop that sixth sense for what feels right.

There are academic ways of making decisions. We'll call them the left-brained ways. Analytical, methodical thinking.

Then there's the right brain. That's knowing where the goosebumps fall. What "feels right."

What if you have a situation where one recording of your song is better performed, has fewer mistakes, is better in tune, etc. and then another recording has a big mistake, but gives you the goosebumps?

You have a decision to make, comrade.

Just ask yourself: What does your audience want, or expect? Do they expect perfection, or authenticity? If they expect perfection at the expense of authenticity, it's time to find a new audience. Yep, that means doing something different from what you're doing now.

Sorry I have to be the one to tell you.

Music isn't about perfection. It's about relating to people. And perhaps you've noticed, but people aren't perfect.

Those people who are criticizing every little thing about your work - be it music or emails - aren't going to patronize you.

Just ignore them. Better yet, tell them to buzz off. Let some other sap lose sleep over their nefarious, nit-picking ways.

When you're debating over which rendition of a song to publish, always ask yourself this:

Where do the goosebumps fall?

Listen to jacky and andy talking about listening to your gut when making publishing decisions

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