137: What it Means to Do Business With Integrity (feat. Joel Bein)

About the guest Joel Bein (pronounced “bine”) cultivates awe, joy, and creative expression by conducting invigorating classical music, and inspires people to invest in themselves, harness personal power, and pursue what makes them come alive. He’s the founder of the newly- launched New Orleans Chamber Players, and creator of the Exponentially Empowered Podcast. how do…

136: Why Would You Listen to Me Tell You How to Make Money Making Music?

Hey James. Why should we listen to you tell us how to make money with our music when you’re not making money making music yourself? It’s a fair question. I mean, I would probably be a little bit skeptical myself if someone were to to do the same thing. Believe me when I say that…

135: Why You Need to be a Great Writer

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Tanya Brody spent over a decade touring the US sharing her gifts as a Celtic harpist. Now she runs a successful copywriting and marketing business. In this episode, Tanya and I talk copywriting.¬†Everyone’s favorite subject, right? Well, it turns out that your writing skills are more important than you may think. Having a great musical…

134: As If I Needed That $15

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So, I’m getting ready to move from the Raleigh area to Virginia Beach. I pick up the truck and load up on Friday, have a recital with my trumpet students on Saturday, then leave first thing Sunday morning. But I have this problem. And it was solved – until my stupid ego got in the…

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