47: Which Way to Hollywood? PRACTICE, and Just Be Yourself w/ Joshua Messick

joshua messick

Asheville, North Carolina-based Joshua Messick breathes new life into an ancient, enchanting instrument. Be transported as he weaves cinematic stylings and endless imagination with virtuosic performances. A beautiful and captivating listening experience, Joshua’s musical artistry is influenced by Celtic, World, Renaissance, Folk, and Classical music. He has released six studio albums and was the featured…

Preneur Problem: Taking Contributions Without Your Hand Out

For Musicians Who Suck at Entrepreneurship

What’s Your Problem? Ask, and I’ll Answer it On the Podcast! Name* First Last Email* Enter Email Confirm Email Would you like to be added to the MusicPreneur.Com email list?* Yes! I can use a daily dose of inspiration to assist me in my journey as a MusicPreneur! No. I’ve got this. What's your question?Do…

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46: Who/What/Where Are We Without Community?

ep 46 artwork_Fotor

Where Musical Minds Get Together! Time Stamps St. Olaf Choir singing When He Is Silent [1:50] The Maestro’s Podium [7:17] Ryan Anthony’s Secrets of the Musical Mind [11:28] Ryan Goessl [32:58] EmailFacebookInstagramTwitter Tweets by mupreneurdotcom

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45: The MusicPreneur Business Model Explained w/ Scott Page


The MusicPreneur Business Model Has nothing to do with getting in good with an executive at Sony. Episode Time Stamps: Introduction: [1:25] Secrets of the Musical Mind w/ Roger Moisan [6:15] The MusicPreneur Business Model w/ Scott Page [32:43] Maestro’s Podium Scott Page Founder of Ignited Network. Designed specifically for artists to connect with their “super fans.” 60-70%…

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44: Covering All the Basses – Victor Wooten, Jason Heath, Aalics Bronson and Mark Asquith

ep 44 art

Welcome to the MusicPreneur.Com Podcast! Here’s today’s itinerary: [1:25] The Maestro’s Podium: “Get out of Music If You Can” [8:01] Jason Heath, Contrabass Conversations [19:58] Aalics Bronson, Jean Marx Express [38:19] Mark Asquith, Excellence Expected [1:06:26] Victor Wooten   About the guests Jason Heath is the host of Contrabass Conversations, a podcast devoted to exploring music…

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