21 Day Focus Challenge Day 8

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Day 8-Physical health. Without good physical health it is difficult to focus. What areas can you improve on? Exercise Make a list of your current exercise items and the amount of time per day that you spend on it. People like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have superior focus and goal achieving abilities because of their…

21 Day Focus Challenge Day 7

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Day 7– Mental Health. Today we will look at your mental health and ask questions about what thoughts are most common in your mind? Take inventory of your negative thoughts. How do you cope with difficult situations, either in life or in your work? In your notebook, write down the common negative thoughts that you…

21 Day Focus Challenge Day 6

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Day 6– External family, friends and co-workers for the most part are cooperative and not negative. To be clear, external family means we are talking about someone other than a spouse or your own children such as a brother, uncle, cousin, etc. There is usually one or two that do not add value to your…

21 Day Focus Challenge Day 5

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Day 5-Relationships. What you can do to focus on your significant other and improve your relationship? This is super important. If you are not putting a great deal of focus into your relationship, everything else is going to suffer too. Know of anyone in a bad relationship, that is able to focus on their job…

21 Day Focus Challenge Day 4

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Day 4– What are you passionate about? I mean, what would you be doing even if you didn’t get paid? Average people settle for a job they think they’re passionate about – or perhaps were passionate about 20 years ago. But whatever passion that was there is gone and they’re holding out for retirement or…

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