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I asked musicians to define entrepreneurship. Here are the results.

A couple of weeks ago, I conducted some “market research.” I went on a Facebook group for musicians who are entrepreneurially minded (or so I thought) and asked the question: “What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word “entrepreneur?” The answers ranged from profound to downright insulting. But it’s not…

How to Market Yourself by Being on Podcasts (T-T-T-T Tuesday)

We all know that podcasts are here to stay. They’re an incredibly powerful tool to market yourself to new fans, followers and happy customers. But it’s important that you represent yourself the best way possible when you do get the chance to be on a podcast. Did you know? There are people who have built…

How to Guest on Podcasts Like a Champ
Tips and tricks to rock your next podcast interview from a professional podcast host!