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127: The Fuel that Powers the Vehicle to Our Destination as MusicPreneurs

The maestro’s podium What is our destination as MusicPreneurs? To get people to give us the green stuff in exchange for the service we provide as musicians. What is the vehicle that gets us┬áto that destination? K.L.T. Know. Like. Trust. What is the fuel that powers the KLT model vehicle? We discuss this in today’s…

125: Social Media Strategy, Embracing New Paradigms (feat. Gret Glyer)

The maestro’s podium It’s an ever evolving mystery why people insist on clinging to ideas, methodologies and mindsets that worked in the 1990’s as if they are still effective today. The basic principles of selling, people skills, etc. haven’t changed. You still need to know how to network, you still need to work your tail…

118: How Philip Quintas is Finding Success Using the Musicpreneur Apprentice Program

Philip Quintas helps small business owners by offering solutions to the problems they face when creating video and audio content. A born-again Christian singer-songwriter, Philip has a unique ability to benefit other artists who are interested in pursuing an entrepreneurial approach to building successful music-based businesses. Philip is currently using the system taught in the…

116: Carlos Castillo on Life, A New Baby, A New Recording Project and a MAJOR Upgrade to the Musicpreneur Apprentice Program

Carlos Castillo is back! In spite of major life events and a huge upgrade to his flagship Musicpreneur Apprentice Program, Carlos hasn’t relented on his scathing rebuke of the Music “In-DUH-Stry.” It’s just part of his charm. In this installment of the MusicPreneur.Com podcast, Carlos and I talk about life with his new child, a…

114: Would You Sing the High C? (feat. Chris Coletti)

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As a longtime member of the Canadian Brass, and an active freelancer and teacher, Chris Coletti is one of the best-known trumpeters out there. One of his trademarks as a performer is, funny enough, not playing the trumpet. It’s as a singer. Singing like a girl. When Chris first began touring with The Brass in…

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