143: The Moral Imperative to Make Money With Your Music

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Have you ever seen someone posting on Facebook about a musical project they’re doing, and they preface it by saying, “I don’t want to make any money from this. I just want people to be exposed to it.” These people have a lot to learn when it comes to how to promote one’s self, right?…

140: Across the Board. Kitchen Sessions, YouTube Covers and Building Community

About the Guests Across The Board (ATB) is an award-winning Canadian alt pop rock band of multi-instrumentalist musicians with over 300 Youtube videos, soon to release their second full length album SONIC BOOM who seamlessly combine creative talents to push their pop-rock sounds to the edge of the rock ‘n roll envelope. ATB completed a successful Canada coast to coast…

131: Meeting of the Minds (Jeff Goins, David Cutler and Jennifer Rosenfeld)

Meeting of the minds Let me tell you how I managed to get Jeff Goins to do an interview on this podcast. I heard him featured on Entrepreneur on Fire last summer (2017) and was immediately taken by Jeff’s candor and breadth of knowledge on the topic of entrepreneurship for artists. Not to mention his…

127: The Fuel that Powers the Vehicle to Our Destination as MusicPreneurs

The maestro’s podium What is our destination as MusicPreneurs? To get people to give us the green stuff in exchange for the service we provide as musicians. What is the vehicle that gets us to that destination? K.L.T. Know. Like. Trust. What is the fuel that powers the KLT model vehicle? We discuss this in today’s…

125: Social Media Strategy, Embracing New Paradigms (feat. Gret Glyer)

The maestro’s podium It’s an ever evolving mystery why people insist on clinging to ideas, methodologies and mindsets that worked in the 1990’s as if they are still effective today. The basic principles of selling, people skills, etc. haven’t changed. You still need to know how to network, you still need to work your tail…

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