143: The Moral Imperative to Make Money With Your Music

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Have you ever seen someone posting on Facebook about a musical project they’re doing, and they preface it by saying, “I don’t want to make any money from this. I just want people to be exposed to it.” These people have a lot to learn when it comes to how to promote one’s self, right?…

104: From Academia to Entrepreneurial Success (feat. Tom Woods)

The maestro’s podium When I first had the idea to do the MusicPreneur podcast, it wasn’t because of my sterling credentials. I had no credentials. I was just out of the Army, totally wet behind the ears, green as can be. I had never done a successful tour, I had never released an album, I…

53: How Will the Blockchain Affect the Music Business? w/ Peter Harris

EmailFacebookInstagramTwitter Episode Synopsis What is the Blockchain? How does it relate to those of us in the business of Making Money Making Music? This episode will take a deep dive into these questions and more! About the Guest Peter Harris is the founder of Resonate, a Blockchain-based streaming service that allows artists to monetize their…

42: Balancing Artistic Integrity and Customer Service w/ Jim Stephenson + Michael O’Neal and Seth Hanes

FYI, here are the time markers for the interviews. Jim Stephenson – [10:14] Michael O’Neal – [27:40] Seth Hanes – [1:09:41] Tweet to @maestrompc Welcome to the MusicPreneur.Com podcast, where we provide the tools and resources to help the MusicPreneur achieve Financial, Artistic, Location and Time Freedom! Today’s episode is a bit of an experiment. I’m…

8: From Sleeping in a Car to Making it Happen as an Entrepreneur w/ Ross Trottier

Download the Secrets of the Musical Mind ebook for free! What got you into music? Fell in love with classical guitar Military child, many moves throughout childhood Here’s Ross performing Study in E Minor by Francisco Tarrega 🙂 Why leave the college degree plan? Too much uncertainty in the career path Too much non-musical…

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