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98: Why We Need The Music Modernization Act (feat. Alex Heiche)

About the Guest Alex Heiche is the founder and serves as CEO of Sound Royalties. With an innate passion for music and strong roots in the industry, Heiche established the company in 2014 after identifying the gaping need for non-credit based funding options tailored to the needs of music professionals. Heiche has over a decade…

77: Why You Should NEVER Talk to the Police

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EmailFacebookInstagramTwitter The police are there to stop the bad guys, right? Well, what happens when all of a sudden YOU become the “bad guy” and your own words are used against you to convict you of a law you never knew existed and don’t even understand? This episode will help you avoid that scenario, which…

60: Tatiana Moroz is Keeping the Faith

Be notified of updates and new podcasts – plus receive a free bonus e-book. Notify Me! EmailFacebookInstagramTwitter TATIANA MOROZ is a soulful, outspoken singer-songwriter, and one of the premier artists in the blockchain and liberty activist communities. Following the release of several independently produced LPs, EPs and singles, Tatiana’s next album Keep The Faith is…

51: Save Music in the Music City!

#FightForYourRightToRecord #MutedInMusicCity #SaveHomeStudios @TheToyBoxStudio @RSRockstars @RecordingStudioRockstars Lij Shaw joins me on the podcast to discuss his lawsuit against the city of Nashville. Two years ago, Lij was ordered to shut down his home recording studio because of an anonymous complaint on the city’s website. It turns out that the city of Nashville has a law prohibiting its…

5: Intellectual Property is the Bastard Child of the Gatekeepers

Download “Doing Business Without Intellectual Property!” Download You’re probably going to disagree with what is said in this episode. In fact, it could very well make you angry. But, as Bob Dylan said, “The times, they are a changin’.” It’s an issue that I’ve wrestled with over the years and have finally come to…

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