108: How Do You Know When You Should Pursue That Idea? (feat. Hugh Sung)

The maestro’s podium How do you know whether or not you should pursue that idea you have to change the world? Perhaps you’ve had that idea, invested a bunch of money into it, then quit when you realized it just wasn’t solving a real problem in the marketplace. That will be discouraging for anyone -…

104: From Academia to Entrepreneurial Success (feat. Tom Woods)

The maestro’s podium When I first had the idea to do the MusicPreneur podcast, it wasn’t because of my sterling credentials. I had no credentials. I was just out of the Army, totally wet behind the ears, green as can be. I had never done a successful tour, I had never released an album, I…

101: Creating a Song Camp Summit w/ Renato Klimeck

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About the Guest Renato Klimeck is a MusicPreneur through and through. He is hosting an online clinic called “Song Camp Summit” which you can attend for free – or pay for the archives if you’re not able to make it. Visit to register today! Guest’s Websites Tweets by newjam76

98: Why We Need The Music Modernization Act (feat. Alex Heiche)

About the Guest Alex Heiche is the founder and serves as CEO of Sound Royalties. With an innate passion for music and strong roots in the industry, Heiche established the company in 2014 after identifying the gaping need for non-credit based funding options tailored to the needs of music professionals. Heiche has over a decade…

97: What to do When You’re on Someone Else’s Podcast

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We all know that podcasts are here to stay. They’re an incredibly powerful tool to market yourself to new fans, followers and happy customers. But it’s important that you represent yourself the best way possible when you do get the chance to be on a podcast. I’ve hosted and produced podcasts for 3 years. I’ve…

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