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108: How Do You Know When You Should Pursue That Idea? (feat. Hugh Sung)

The maestro’s podium How do you know whether or not you should pursue that idea you have to change the world? Perhaps you’ve had that idea, invested a bunch of money into it, then quit when you realized it just wasn’t solving a real problem in the marketplace. That will be discouraging for anyone -…

104: From Academia to Entrepreneurial Success (feat. Tom Woods)

The maestro’s podium When I first had the idea to do the MusicPreneur podcast, it wasn’t because of my sterling credentials. I had no credentials. I was just out of the Army, totally wet behind the ears, green as can be. I had never done a successful tour, I had never released an album, I…

96: An Update from Lij Shaw of Recording Studio Rockstars

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About the Guest Lij Shaw is the founder of the Toy Box Studio, as well as the founder and host of the Recording Studio Rockstars podcast. Guest’s Websites Relevant Links Lij’s previous appearance on the podcast: An episode on Lij’s podcast about his situation. An article on the Institue for Justice website. Tweets by newjam76

94: The Music Biz Then and Now (Feat. Rodney Holder)

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About the Guest Rodney has been a drummer, performer, writer, promoter, and manager for over thirty years. He has a bachelor degree in communication and media production and has been teaching music business studies at College since 1999. Rodney’s career in the music industry began back in 1987. Initially as a drummer and the co…

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