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143: The Moral Imperative to Make Money With Your Music

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Have you ever seen someone posting on Facebook about a musical project they’re doing, and they preface it by saying, “I don’t want to make any money from this. I just want people to be exposed to it.” These people have a lot to learn when it comes to how to promote one’s self, right?…

116: Carlos Castillo on Life, A New Baby, A New Recording Project and a MAJOR Upgrade to the Musicpreneur Apprentice Program

Carlos Castillo is back! In spite of major life events and a huge upgrade to his flagship Musicpreneur Apprentice Program, Carlos hasn’t relented on his scathing rebuke of the Music “In-DUH-Stry.” It’s just part of his charm. In this installment of the MusicPreneur.Com podcast, Carlos and I talk about life with his new child, a…

112: Bruce Wawrzyniak of Now Hear This Entertainment

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About the Guest Bruce is the founder and president of Now Hear This, Inc., which specializes in management, promotion, and booking, plus he hosts the weekly “Now Hear This Entertainment” podcast, which has spawned an eBook series that provides tips for entertainers, for both on and off the stage. Guest’s Websites

104: From Academia to Entrepreneurial Success (feat. Tom Woods)

The maestro’s podium When I first had the idea to do the MusicPreneur podcast, it wasn’t because of my sterling credentials. I had no credentials. I was just out of the Army, totally wet behind the ears, green as can be. I had never done a successful tour, I had never released an album, I…

45: The MusicPreneur Business Model Explained w/ Scott Page

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The MusicPreneur Business Model Has nothing to do with getting in good with an executive at Sony.   Scott Page Founder of Ignited Network. Designed specifically for artists to connect with their “super fans.” 60-70% of artist’s revenue is from their super fans: people who spend at least $100 per year on the artist via…

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