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37: Tasmin Little Used a Naked Violin to Change the World. Here’s What She Did.

The Starving Artist Works for Free. The Thriving Artist Always Works for Something. Tasmin Little had everything a successful violinist is expected to have: Several critically acclaimed albums to her credit; performing in the finest concert halls in the world; an engaged community of fans and followers. But when she played her violin under a…

21: Gret Glyer, Founder of Donor See

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Gret Glyer is the founder of Donor See, a website and app that makes it super easy and effective to give to worthy causes. Like this one: In my conversation, Gret and I talk about the disparity between lifestyles of the United States and third-world nations, as well as the need in the marketplace he…

12: Pat Flynn on the Musician’s Entrepreneurial Advantage

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In this interview, Pat Flynn of shares his story of playing trumpet and how he believes his passion for trumpet – which continues to this day – helped him develop the skills which have made him a respected thought leader in the realm of online entrepreneurship. About the guest: Pat Flynn is an American internet marketer and…

8: From Sleeping in a Car to Making it Happen as an Entrepreneur w/ Ross Trottier

Download the Secrets of the Musical Mind ebook for free! What got you into music? Fell in love with classical guitar Military child, many moves throughout childhood Here’s Ross performing Study in E Minor by Francisco Tarrega 🙂 Why leave the college degree plan? Too much uncertainty in the career path Too much non-musical…

7: Jeremiah Johnson on How to “Break Through Broke”

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Chronology of Debt Accumulation Was told he “needed” to go to Indiana U. because that’s the only place for opera singers. Family financial situation caused him to drop out of Cincinnati Conservatory and re-enroll at out of state tuition Ended up with over $100,000 in debt after two degrees “Rock Bottom” Moment: “Zits” rehearsal for an…

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