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90: Live Like the Mountain is Out (Feat. Shannon Curtis)

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It was July, 2017. Shannon Curtis and her husband were in the middle of their annual tour of the United States performing concerts in the homes of their valued patrons.  A mere 9 days before their concert in Charlottesville, VA, tragedy struck the town. The city council had voted to remove a statue of a Confederate…

73: More than Cheese and Packers (Feat. Billy Grisack)

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EmailFacebookInstagramTwitter Musicpreneurship runs in Billy Grisack’s blood. His grandfather and father were musician/entrepreneurs and he continues the tradition along with his own son. About the Guest Billy is a musician, songwriter, producer, podcaster & music business philosopher based in Appleton, WI. Guest’s Websites Relevant Links We mentioned Carlos Castillo on the podcast. You can…

69: How to Have the Heart to Start (Feat. David Kadavy)

EmailFacebookInstagramTwitter About the Guest “I’ve been a self-employed independent creator for more than ten years. I found along the way that it’s hard to prevent yourself from procrastinating on your own art. That’s why I wrote my new book, The Heart to Start.” Guest’s Website check out david’s first appearance on the podcast 20:…

39: Tim Conkling on How to Make Music a Part of Your Higher Purpose

You can purchase Tim’s book Stranger in Every Land here. And Mobilized Merchants here. What’s your problem? What’s holding you back as an entrepreneur? Tune in to the Preneur Problems podcast where I help you identify and overcome your biggest challenges. I’ll also answer your questions on the show. Check it out. Forget that guy on…

30: Robert Alexander Has a Beat on the Rhythms of Life

My name is Robert Alexander and I am the founder of LifeRhythms. I am an Audio Alchemist – a creator of powerful sounds and vibrations that help create a sense of greater wellbeing in personal and professional environments. I work with many businesses who primarily use customized music for wellness, well-being and their marketing /…

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