118: How Philip Quintas is Finding Success Using the Musicpreneur Apprentice Program

Philip Quintas helps small business owners by offering solutions to the problems they face when creating video and audio content. A born-again Christian singer-songwriter, Philip has a unique ability to benefit other artists who are interested in pursuing an entrepreneurial approach to building successful music-based businesses. Philip is currently using the system taught in the…

114: Would You Sing the High C? (feat. Chris Coletti)

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As a longtime member of the Canadian Brass, and an active freelancer and teacher, Chris Coletti is one of the best-known trumpeters out there. One of his trademarks as a performer is, funny enough, not playing the trumpet. It’s as a singer. Singing like a girl. When Chris first began touring with The Brass in…

108: How Do You Know When You Should Pursue That Idea? (feat. Hugh Sung)

The maestro’s podium How do you know whether or not you should pursue that idea you have to change the world? Perhaps you’ve had that idea, invested a bunch of money into it, then quit when you realized it just wasn’t solving a real problem in the marketplace. That will be discouraging for anyone -…

102: The Disestablishmentarianization of Classical Music (feat. Stephen P. Brown)

When you go to the train station to buy a ticket, the first thing the agent asks is, “Where are you going?”Most classical musicians have no idea where they’re going, says my guest, Stephen P. Brown. The typical classical musician teaches lessons, goes from one-time gig to one-time gig, and does pretty much anything necessary…

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