133: What to do With Those Pesky Fence Sitters

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Push them. Make them choose sides. Fence sitters are time sucks. They’ll tease you with their endless questions, and will drive you insane, if you let them. Whether they choose to be on your side, or against you, the last thing you want is for them to be on the fence. It’s refreshing for everyone…

131: Meeting of the Minds (Jeff Goins, David Cutler and Jennifer Rosenfeld)

Meeting of the minds Let me tell you how I managed to get Jeff Goins to do an interview on this podcast. I heard him featured on Entrepreneur on Fire last summer (2017) and was immediately taken by Jeff’s candor and breadth of knowledge on the topic of entrepreneurship for artists. Not to mention his…

In Praise of Duck Duck Go

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Duck Duck Go is a search engine that has managed to stay alive by focusing one just one thing. It’s the one thing that we MusicPreneurs need to focus on if we want to be successful! Remember: The live recording of my interview with Jeff Goins is TOMORROW at 2:30 pm EST. For access info,…

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