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57: What Professionalism Looks Like | Audio Blog

A lesson learned from a gig this past weekend. Plus a bit of what’s going on in my podcasting career and how it might affect this podcast. Jason Heath is back on the podcast for Ep. 58!

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54: When to Interrupt | Audio Blog

This past week, I had a great educational experience in my podcasting journey. I had an interview with a guest who has a lot of really great info and experience to share, but likes to control a conversation. I’m not sharing this because I’m being critical of the person I interviewed. It’s more of an…

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51: Look Fit for Work | Audio Blog

Here are the books I mentioned in today’s episode.

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045: If You Want to Be a MusicPreneur, then Do MusicPreneur | Audio Blog

It’s been kind of interesting to be a part of this MusicPreneur movement (if you want to call it that) for the last year or so. The word “musicpreneur” is relatively new. It sometimes seems that the people who use it as part of their business branding want to create a new breed of human…

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42: “Of Lemons and Lemonade” | Audio Blog

In this week’s audio blog, I share a little bit about a tip on branding I picked up this past week. Hint: Specificity is King. I also share about a business venture that showed a lot of promise but ultimately went sour. What the project was, how it ended, what I could have done differently,…

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