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36: Musician’s Are Entrepreneurs | Audio Blog

Join the MusicPreneur’s on Fire! Facebook group today at! This is an interview that I did on someone else’s podcast. The host goes by the pseudonym “Marco of all Trades” and his podcast is called The Renaissance Man. You can find it at Marco is a former MusicPreneur himself and a wonderful interviewer!…

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33: The IP Police Want to See Your Papers | Audio Blog

Breaking News: The IP Police have acted to keep your intellectual property safe. This past week, the buzz on the Internet was a two hour “Breaking Bad” movie. It was created completely independently of the show’s creators and producers. Two super fans in France spent 2 years splicing, dicing and editing the entire show into…

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27: Everything I Really Need to Know as An Entrepreneur I Learned Playing Music | Audio Blog

I’ve been a musician for longer than I can remember. I started playing trumpet 32 years ago, but music has always been in my life in some way or another. I’ve been an entrepreneur – off and on – for the last 12-13 years. In 32 years, I’ve become pretty good at the trumpet. As…

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24: Thoughts on A Dilemma from This Past Week | Audio Blog

This past week, I had an interesting experience with a listener of this show that led to the individual becoming a former listener of the show. I share what happened, how I dealt with it and my thoughts on the situation. What would you do if you were in my situation? If you’ve experienced something similar,…

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21: What Do You Do? | Audio Blog

Forgive the audio quality in this. I recorded this while driving to a gig here in NC and didn’t realize how close my mouth was to the Zoom recorder. Show notes coming soon, just want to get this uploaded on schedule! What do you do? It’s an interesting question for a MusicPreneur. Maybe the better…

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