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24: Thoughts on A Dilemma from This Past Week | Audio Blog

This past week, I had an interesting experience with a listener of this show that led to the individual becoming a former listener of the show. I share what happened, how I dealt with it and my thoughts on the situation. What would you do if you were in my situation? If you’ve experienced something similar,…

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21: What Do You Do? | Audio Blog

Forgive the audio quality in this. I recorded this while driving to a gig here in NC and didn’t realize how close my mouth was to the Zoom recorder. Show notes coming soon, just want to get this uploaded on schedule! What do you do? It’s an interesting question for a MusicPreneur. Maybe the better…

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12: How to Rock Conferences + the MusicPreneur Creed | Audio Blog

Conferences are one of the most important aspects of any entrepreneur’s work, especially for one in the online realm, as I am. Conferences are invaluable opportunities to have precious face to face interaction with people we respect and admire, as well to make ourselves known to broader audiences. I wanted to discuss conferences for this week’s…

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9: How I FRAME My Podcast Interviews | Audio Blog

Being a podcaster myself and being a member of many podcasting circles and communities, I listen to a lot of podcasts. Some I listen to over and over because I want to. Others I’ll listen to once as part of a review exchange, or I just want to check someone out and I never listen…

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6: How to BE a MusicPreneur | Audio Blog

Thanks for visiting my little blog. I trust that you are here because you’re looking for something more than an entertaining read. This isn’t to say that I don’t want my writing to be entertaining. It’s just that the reason both of us are here – me writing and you reading – is because we want…

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