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37: Marc Gunn, “The Celtfather” of the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast | MusicPreneur’s Making it Happen


Join the MusicPreneur’s on Fire! Facebook group today at We’re talking Celtic music today with Marc Gunn, host of the uber popular Irish and Celtic Music Podcast. In this episode you’ll hear a little bit about the history of Celtic music and how it has spread throughout the world due to the “Celtic Diaspora” from…

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34: Chris Coletti Says says “Don’t Be the Best. Be Yourself.” | MusicPreneur’s Making it Happen

trumpet chris

The shows notes for this episode can be found at I’m thrilled to bring onto the podcast Chris Coletti, longtime trumpeter with the Canadian Brass! Here are a few of the salient points Chris and I discussed as he fought the urge to indulge in his wife’s delicious cooking. I kid you not, I could…

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31: Tommy Darker Discusses Kenophania | MusicPreneur’s Making it Happen

tommy darker kenophania

Taken from… Tommy left his military career behind to pursue his passion: music. Today, he is an established academic and savvy musician in London, living his dream life. HOWEVER HE IS LEAVING AGAIN… …To embark on a journey to Greece for 1,5 year, in any way possible. Meeting people. Experiencing local culture. Filming everything.…

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28: Mac Ritchey on Band Names, Domain Addresses and the Dunham Shoe Factory | MusicPreneur’s Making it Happen

mac ritchey

Once referred to as a “musical Swiss Army knife”, multi-instrumentalist Mac Ritchey brings a diverse palette of sounds and skills to both performance stage and recording studio. Studying electronic music at Oberlin College and anthropology at Brandeis University, his decades of musical involvement have been sculpted and influenced by an assortment of genres and cultures:…

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Seth Hanes on How to Break Into The Scene (Ep. 25)

seth hanes

Seth Hanes is a musician, digital marketing consultant, speaker, and founder of, which is regularly visited by musicians all over the world. He maintains a busy career as a performer and teacher around the Philadelphia area. In September 2016, Seth published his first book, Break Into the Scene to wide acclaim from freelancers all over the world.…

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