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22: Jason Heath Discusses Life on the Low End of the Spectrum | MusicPreneur’s Making it Happen

jason heath

Jason Heath, a former orchestra director in Chicago, resides in San Francisco and is the host of the Contrabass Conversations podcast. An outline of our chat follows: About Contrabass Conversations Coming up on 2 million downloads 800k in 2016 Ten year anniversary Year 10 almost as productive as years 1-9 June 2016 High School orchestra…

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Ross Trottier Prefers Being True to Himself Over the Comforts of a Stable Job (Ep. 19)

Download the Secrets of the Musical Mind ebook for free! What got you into music? Fell in love with classical guitar Military child, many moves throughout childhood Here’s Ross performing Study in E Minor by Francisco Tarrega ūüôā Why leave the college degree plan? Too much uncertainty in the career path Too much non-musical…

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Utsav Lal and the Deliquescent Ivories (Ep. 16)

utsav lal

Episode 16 features Indian jazz pianist Utsav Lal! Download your copy of the new ebook, Secrets of the Musical Mind today! About the Guest:¬†At 24 yrs of age, pianist Utsav Lal is a musician extraordinaire who has set a precedent in the world of music with his rendition of Ragas on the Piano. Choosing…

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Nate Maingard is a Modern Troubadour (Ep. 13)

modern troubadour

Nate Maingard is a storyteller, a nomad, and occasionally a “professional” musician when he’s impressing people wearing suits. Here’s a brief synopsis of our conversation. What is a “modern troubadour?” A troubadour is a term from the middle ages for a person who roamed the land telling stories and relating the story of human existence…

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Michael O’Neal Provides Job Security for Unemployable Musicians (Ep. 10)

art of the interview

Job Security for the Unemployable Michael O’Neal is the host of the popular podcast,¬†Solopreneur Hour: Job Security for the Unemployable¬†and¬†co-host of the¬†Hines Ward Show. If you’re an NFL fan, yes, it’s¬†that¬†Hines Ward. He is also a professional drummer and still finds time in his busy schedule to be an active performer in the San Diego…

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