T-T-T-T Tuesday

41: Brandon and Ben Discuss the Value of Relationships as a Musician | T-T-T-T Tuesday

Want to know the secret sauce to getting maximum exposure on Facebook? Then check out a course I’ve been devouring called Fan Page Money Method at musicpreneur.com/facebook. In this edition of T-T-T-T Tuesday, we talk about the value of establishing and maintaining relationships as a MusicPreneur. A great quote I’ve heard is, “You win the…

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35: Chris Coletti’s Terrific Travel Tips | T-T-T-T Tuesday

Hey, are you a part of the MusicPreneur’s on Fire Facebook group? Go to musicpreneuronfire.com to join! In this edition of T-T-T-T Tuesday, Chris Coletti gives some valuable insight into how to travel light and travel well. Chris travels all over the world performing with the Canadian Brass, so one would think he knows a…

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32: Tommy Darker on Being Aware of the Value You Provide | T-T-T-T Tuesday

Tommy Darker of tommydarker.com returns to the podcast for T-T-T-T Tuesday to talk about adding value to your surroundings and being aware of the value you’re providing to your patrons.

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29: Pat Flynn on the Musician’s Entrepreneurial Advantage | T-T-T-T Tuesday

In this interview, Pat Flynn of smartpassiveincome.com shares his story of playing trumpet and how he believes his passion for trumpet – which continues to this day – helped him develop the skills which have made him a respected thought leader in the realm of online entrepreneurship. About the guest: Pat Flynn is an American internet marketer and…

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23: Jason Heath on High Quality Video Production | T-T-T-T Tuesday

Jason Heath of Contrabass Conversations returns to talk about his process behind making high quality videos to promote his podcast. Although it is a lot of work, he has seen tremendous results in the way of download numbers as a result of producing them. Here he shares his process of making videos, what mistakes he’s made,…

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