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Intellectual Property

An unconventional look at intellectual property featuring patent attorney Stephan Kinsella.

You can listen to my interview with Stephan here.



Yoast is the go-to resource of choice on the topic of SEO for many of the world's top online entrepreneurs. Subscribe to their email list for tips on how to maximize your SEO skills!



I'm planning on discussing the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in-depth on MusicPreneur.Com in 2018. In the interim, here's a short article giving a very basic primer on the Blockchain.

It's a complicated topic, so give yourself some time to learn these concepts!



Here's a quick primer on what Bitcoin is and how to use it.

(Hint: It's not a sound investment strategy!)


Email Marketing by Ben Settle


Ben is one of the top copywriters of his generation and is the go-to resource for many entrepreneurs of all stripes and experience levels.

Subscribe to his email list, where he sends daily tips and tricks for copywriting.

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