What are the 5 Key Elements of the MusicPreneur Lifestyle?


Business Savvy  

Education and Innovation  

Financial Health  

Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health  

I've put together a few articles and resources, previously published by myself and friends of mine, that will help you improve each of these areas of your life so that you can get closer to living the life you were meant to live.  

Table of Contents 

-Musical Excellence: The Foundation of Your Success as a MusicPreneur. By Marc Gelfo, professional French hornist and founder of the Modacity app. 

-Manny Laureano Shares his Secrets of the Musical Mind 

-To Starve or to Thrive: A Musician’s Dilemma

-Why Do We Hate Modern Classical Music? 

-Intellectual Property: Bastard Child of the Gate Keepers  

-Deliverance from Debt. A 12-part course on how to eliminate debt forever, by Gary North 

-Ben Greenfield’s Interview with Porangui, the “sound healer.”  

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