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castilloYours is the ONLY Music Biz podcast I currently listen to 😉
You have a much more diverse schedule of guests & topics than anyone else.
-Carlos Castillo, Schwilly Family Musicians

Podcast guest roster

Aaron Bethune - Speaker, Consultant

John Lee Dumas - Entrepreneur on Fire

Michael O'Neal - The Solopreneur Hour Podcast

Nate Maingard - Modern Troubadour

Stephan Kinsella - Patent Attorney, Subject Matter Expert on Why Intellectual Property Sucks

Jeremiah Johnson - Singer, Certified Financial Planner

Ross Trottier - Author, Music Theory in One Lesson

Seth Hanes - Author of Break Into the Scene

Buddy Deshler - Dallas Brass, The Entrepreneurial Student

Mac Ritchey - Producer, Avid Oud Aficionado

Pat Flynn - Founder of Smart Passive Income

Tommy Darker - Founder, Musicpreneur Hub

Chris Coletti - Canadian Brass Trumpeter, Avid Blogger

Marc Gunn - Host, Irish and Celtic Music Podcast

Brandon Ridenour and Ben Russell - Founders Ensemble

Bob Lord - Founder and CEO Parma Recordings

Tim Melanson - Music Scene Organizer

Mark Rabideau - 21st Century Musician Initiative

David Kadavy - Author,  Getting Art Done

Gret Glyer - Founder, Donor See: "The Uber of Charities"

Carlos Castillo - Founder of Musicpreneur Apprentice Program

Carlos Castillo - Part 2

Shannon Curtis - House Concert Specialist "The Musical Mary Kay"

Peter Harris - Blockchain Expert, Founder of Resonate Streaming Service

Corey Brown - Founder of No Treble, Website Optimization Expert

Chris Gekker - Professor of Trumpet, University of Maryland

Robert Alexander - Audio Alchemist

John Beder - Director, "Composed" Documentary

Joshua Messick - Hammered Dulcimer Recording Artist

Jason Heath - Host, Contrabass Conversations Podcast

Chris Botti - Trumpet Recording Artist

David Cutler - Founder, SAVVY Arts Venture Challenge

Tasmin Little - Violin Virtuoso, The Naked Violin Project

Jennifer Rosenfeld - Co-Founder, iCadenza

Timothy Conkling - Trumpeter, Missionary

John O. Reilly - Professional Drummer, Author of The High Paid Musician Myth

Shelita Burke - Indie Music Sensation

James Stephenson - Composer

Manny Laureano - Principal Trumpet, Minnesota Orchestra

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