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86: Trumpet Teacher Talk (feat. Jeff Lewis)

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download the official MusicPreneur.Com cheat sheet of entrepreneurial terms and phrases

MusicPreneur -- myoo-zik-pruh-nœr

noun, verb, adj.

1. One who engages in the act of Making Money Making Music.

A series of podcasts

  • Inspiring interviews 5 Days a Week with MusicPreneurs from all over the world.
  • Fresh and unique commentary from host James Newcomb.

James Newcomb – Someone to Watch Over Me

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  • A new song published every day. Features music of all genres produced by guests and listeners of the MusicPreneur.Com podcast.
  • Have a song you'd like published? Just click the link for submission instructions!

James Newcomb – Someone to Watch Over Me

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A podcast series designed to help you establish and maintain a morning routine that will set you up for success!

Meditation, Affirmations, Visualization and a Workout; plus bonus materials!

7-Minute Workout

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Are you a podcaster, blogger, Facebook guru or snap chatter?

Weekly episodes that give you the knowledge and insight to help your business get to the next level.

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the MusicPreneur.Community

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  • Share a victory, give feedback, ask for feedback, talk about fishing.
  • Build relationships and rapport with others of like mind.

Meet the Host

My name is James Newcomb. I founded MusicPreneur.Com in June of 2016, and the first episode of the podcast went live on January 1, 2017.

I'm just a regular guy. I've been married for 12 years and we have a terrific son who's 4 going on 17 🙂

We live in Holly Springs, NC which is just south of Raleigh. I was employed by the U.S. Army as a musician for 12 years. I had assignments in KY, GA, NC and Seoul, Korea. In fact, I began my first podcast titled Outside the Music Box while stationed in Seoul in March, 2015!

I started the MusicPreneur.Com podcast and business because it's a combination of two passions of mine: music and commerce.

They're both incredibly powerful forces that can be used for good or not so good purposes.

My goal with MusicPreneur.Com is to help musicians discover the good in both music and commerce in order to create music that reflects their true self and generate enough revenue to take care of themselves and those who depend on them for sustenance.

I was a professional trumpet player for many years. Outside of the Army, I played in orchestras and ensembles all over the world.

These days, my podcast is my instrument. It's how I express myself and believe me when I say I like to tinker with it!

In case you haven't already, you can subscribe to the MusicPreneur.Com podcast here.

If you'd like to have one of your songs played on the Music by MusicPreneurs podcast, you can submit it here.

And of course, we have a terrific community on Facebook, which you can join here.

Do you have questions or comments about me or this website? Shoot me an email!

Meet My Three Listeners!

Tim is a 27 year old, newly married man. He recently finished his master's degree in double bass performance at the University of Indiana.

He and some friends formed a progressive rock band while in grad school and managed to get a few gigs in Indianapolis. They even amassed a small list of 284 email addresses from people they met at their gigs.

Tim is looking for guidance and inspiration on how he can use his skills as a bassist in ways that are "outside the box." He wants to learn from the small success he had as an entrepreneur in college and make music his full-time career.

Seth fell in love with playing the guitar after receiving one from his uncle as a bar mitzvah gift.

He struggled to find a crowd he could hang with in school. There wasn't a place for him in the school band and he just didn't fit in with the other kids. All he ever wanted to do was play his guitar.

Because of this, he developed an entrepreneurial mindset at a young age, playing gigs wherever he could, from coffee shops to pick up bands on the streets of his native Lincoln, Nebraska.

Now in his forties, Seth and a few friends have formed a wedding band in Omaha. They've earned a reputation as the top such band in the area and are able to charge a premium for their services.

Seth is grateful for the band's success but is disappointed that his band mates are not receptive to his ideas of expanding their repertoire as well as the gigs they pursue. They're all married with children and seem content with their band being a side gig, performing 2 gigs a month max.

Seth is ready to pursue a new career as a solo artist - or as a member of a group of likeminded musicians. He is looking for a source of inspiration and guidance from others who have done what he wants to do. He works M-F as a school bus driver, and therefore has plenty of time to work on his music - and listen to the MusicPreneur.Com podcast.

Dee has been in the music production business for over 30 years. She worked with some of the top names in the industry.

She was recently let go from her job due to "visionary differences" from the management.

Several other colleagues of minority descent met a similar fate at approximately the same time.

A lawsuit is pending.

Although not a professional musician herself, Dee loves being the "second set of ears" for talented and ambitious musicians. Her office wall is adorned with photos of bands and solo artists she helped find success in the management company she just left.

She recently started her own management company. Her goal is to work with musicians find success outside the "approved" outlets, a la the major labels. She trusts the MusicPreneur.Com podcast as a resource that will provide the tools, knowledge and inspiration for her and her clients to achieve success as MusicPreneurs.

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What People Are Saying

 I’ve been listening to podcasts for the past 3 years and this show is my favorite so far. The host is really knowledgeable and pleasant to hear and the content is awesome. I highly recommend this podcast. Keep up the great work!

-Gisele O.

Yours is the ONLY Music Biz podcast I currently listen to 😉
 You have a much more diverse schedule of guests & topics than anyone else.

-Carlos Castillo - Schwilly Family Musicians

I love the musicpreneur podcast. I learn so much about how to make money making music, and I also learn about cool artists at the same time. Highly recommended.

-Luke Simpson,
When Making it Happen as a MusicPreneur
Community is Key