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045: If You Want to Be a MusicPreneur, then Do MusicPreneur | Audio Blog

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It’s been kind of interesting to be a part of this MusicPreneur movement (if you want to call it that) for the last year or so.

The word “musicpreneur” is relatively new. It sometimes seems that the people who use it as part of their business branding want to create a new breed of human being.

Take for example a little snippet I found on a google search for the word “musicpreneur”.

“We’re still in the early stage of the rise of polymath and entrepreneurial musicians, but the Musicpreneur is not far from being the norm.”

The Rise of the MusicPreneur’s

Sounds like a Schwarzenegger movie.

Let’s keep it real here.

What is entrepreneurship?

It’s commerce.

It’s the free flow of goods and services between individuals or businesses who want to do business together.

That’s it.

No need for calculistic equations.

Let’s KISS (Keep It Super Simple)

If you have an idea that is going to solve someone’s problem, then go do it.

You’re going to suck at first. Get over it.

You’re probably not going to succeed with your first effort.

That’s okay. No one does. And the ones who do had lots of failure in other realms before succeeding in their current one.

One thing is for certain: You’re not going to be a MusicPreneur if you’re not taking your Music and adding the Preneur to it.

Preneur is what makes the world go round, contrary to what you hear on C-SPAN.

Go and make it spin.

Be a Preneur.

And join the MusicPreneur on Fire Facebook group and tell us all about it 🙂 

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In a hurry? Download this post as a PDF!

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