102: The Disestablishmentarianization of Classical Music (feat. Stephen P. Brown)

When you go to the train station to buy a ticket, the first thing the agent asks is, "Where are you going?"Most classical musicians have no idea where they're going, says my guest, Stephen P. Brown.

The typical classical musician teaches lessons, goes from one-time gig to one-time gig, and does pretty much anything necessary just to pay the bills - or at least a few of them - with their art. Stephen says this doesn't need to be their reality. There is a market out there for the unique service they provide. They just need to see it and see themselves as more than what they often see.

About the Guest

A two-time Global Music Awards Winner, Stephen P Brown is a British-American Conductor-Composer bringing good music to life by performing on four continents for over 35 years.

He has been named one of the most engaging conductors of our modern age and is a recipient of the Ricordi Conducting Prize and winner of the Alan J Kirby Choral Conducting Prize.

He has appeared in multiple media including ABC, the BBC and NBC, speaks to tomorrow’s leaders about being inspiring and effective, and conducts orchestras, choirs, concert bands and musical theater.

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